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Rotary Marking Machine

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      Rotary Marking Machine

The Heavy Duty Rotary Attachment is ideal for large billets and flanges upto maximum weight of 15kg. Extra Heavy duty attachments are available with bigger capacity motors. The maximum diameter possible on this standard device is 300mm. Moreover, customized quick clamping and holding fixtures are provided instead of the standard chuck.

  • Standard Marking Window: 120 x 100mm
  • Pin Vibrations: Both Dot peen and Vibro peen available.
  • Working: Plug and Play working over the LAN port and WiFi Connectivity
  • Column Height adjustment: 400mm Imprinting
  • Power: 100 N
  • Standard Stylus: PH-16 for Continuous Marking OR LP-10 for dotted Marking
  • Imprinting surface variance: 3mm (upto 10mm with LP‐10 Stylus)
  • Marking Speed: Depends on Application
  • Port: LAN Port (Static Ip)
  • Rotary Type: RM(small) and RM(Big).

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