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Android Based Marking Machine

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Mobile Operated Machine

Magma  introduces MOPM , the world’s first wi-fi based cordless handheld marking(Engraving) machine. The innovative marking solution for all your needs using patent pending technology. Our core purpose is to use latest technology and make it very simple to use.
  • Marking area:  50×30 mm and 150 x 50mm
  • Battery: Standard off the shelf battery giving upto 8 hours of normal working.
  • Guides: Linear guide on both axes for uniform marking depth.
  • Linear guide on both axes for uniform marking depth
  • Operates on Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Most User-friendly app
  • Excellent graphical preview of marking
  • Marks linear and circular text
  • Serial counter and date marking possible
  • User variable text feature
  • Different marking forces are possible
  • Data Matrix barcode marking possible
  • HPGL & DXF Logo is marked.

Product: Current range of portable marking (Engraving) machines have wide operational scope with many challenges. These machines are subject to very rough use in extreme environments. Existing portable machines with mounted keyboards and touch screens are susceptible to damages. They achieve better usability but with high maintenance. The application areas where portable machine demands long operational hours, require them to have powerful battery. Besides if metal components are at isolated location, the machine should be light weight. Such contradictory challenges limits the usage and hampers efficiency of portable marking (Engraving) machines.

Our team has won over these challenges with MOPM. It has set a unique standard with a combination of weighing only 2.5 kgs and a power packed battery of 5 amp/hr. User can achieve more than 3 hours of continuous marking and around 8 hrs of normal marking. Frequency of changing battery is once within shifts, achieving least downtime. Its compact carrier makes it easy to carry anywhere.

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