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IMark Marking,Sector 3, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600058

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SevenStamp Touch Screen Based Machines

Markingindia presents the most powerful, yet simple to use CN03 touch screen controllers for all types of dot peening machines. The controller is now available as 2 and 4 axis version in both Electric and Pneumatic working. The Standard 2 axis marking heads coupled with a manual or motorised Z stand and a true interpolated Rotary axis is available especially for the Electric markers. The Electric markers also have an optional Auto-Sensing attachment that can be used with motorized Z stand for marking on different height components. Hence if you were looking for a touchscreen based dot peen marking machine India your search ends here! Stop worrying about dot peening machine cost. It isn’t that the best things should cost you the most. You might surprised to know the Return on investment which our machines can deliver you. Call us now on +91 9841073032 to know the our dot peen machine prices!!

Quality Marking

Standard Marking Window: 120 x 100mm Optional Marking Window: 160 x 160mm, 300x210mm, 420x300mm Stands: Manual Stands in light and heavy duty, Motorised Economy and Fast Z Stand. New Accessory: Auto-Sense for automatic height adjustment.

What You Receive?

EM SIA 1210 Heavy Duty Head Mounting Holes 120mm X 100mm Type of Machine Electromagnetic Type of Head Standard Heavy Duty Head Material of Cons MS Sheet Metal Body Colour of Machine Siemens Grey Weight of Machine 3.5 kg Mounting Holes 4 holes for proper mounting Also available as Pneumatic Heavy Duty Head.

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